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     I am Noa
                  a London-based, Hungarian Production Designer on short films, art projects. 

I am a visual storyteller
                           using arts and crafts, designs, weird props,
                                                      unusual or usual sceneries (depends on your taste).

     Production design for me is about taking realistic spaces and transforming them into something that is both surreal, yet               believable to the audience. My experiences in arts and crafts have played a major role in my journey. Working with my                   hands all my life has given me a unique perspective on the creative process allowing me to conceptualise and craft                       tangible objects and spaces that can exist within the world of a film.


This site showcases a portfolio of work on film sets.

Specialising in designing and building sets, creating character profiles, and bringing film scripts and music videos to life.


If you would like to collaborate contact me at

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